Discipleship groups

What is a discipleship group?

A discipleship group (i.e. D-group) is a gender-specific group of 4-6 believers who meet together weekly for a year for the purpose of helping one another grow in the Lord.


Why should I join a discipleship group?

To be a Christian is to be a disciple of Jesus. And to be a disciple of Jesus is to disciple others. The Christian life is the discipling life. Out of love for God, love for others, and obedience to the Great Commission (Matt. 28:18-20), we should intentionally seek to help others follow Jesus more faithfully. And discipleship groups are a wonderful way of doing this.


How many people will be in each group?

The ideal group size is 5-6 believers.   


How will groups be put together?

We will have sign ups through the months of July and August. During the month of August we will assign everyone to a discipleship group. D-groups will officially start in the month of September and end at the conclusion of May.


When and where will we meet?

On the sign up sheet, everyone will indicate what day and time works best for them (e.g. weekday morning, weeknight, Saturday morning, etc.). Once groups are formed, each group will decide the specifics of when and where they will meet.   


How often will we meet together?

D-groups will meet together once a week for 60-90 minutes.


What level of commitment is involved in joining a discipleship group?

Joining a D-group is all about commitment. Among other things, you will commit to faithfully attend each week, read the assigned reading for each week, memorize the Scripture memory verse for the week, and to live a transparent life with the group.


Is there an attendance requirement?

Yes. Every group member is expected to attend every week unless they are sick, traveling for work, holidays, etc. The spiritual growth of the group depends upon the faithful involvement of every member.


What will our time together look like?

The normal D-group meeting will consist of four things.

  1. Give life updates and pray together.
  2. Recite Scripture memory verse for the week.
  3. Discuss what your group is currently reading (e.g. book of the Bible or good Christian book).
  4. Close in prayer based upon what you've just discussed.

What is the overall vision of discipleship groups?

The overall vision with discipleship groups is to see a richer culture of discipling cultivated within our faith family. We want it to be normal for every one of our members to be concerned about one another’s spiritual health. We want it to be normal to see and hear about members intentionally seeking to do one another spiritual good. We want the work of discipling to become the very lifeblood of our church. 

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