We believe that church membership involves far more than just having your name on a roll. By becoming a member of a local church you are formally committing yourself to a body of believers. You are linking arms with them and vowing to serve, support, and strengthen them for the glory of God and the spread of the gospel.

By accepting a new member into their faith family a local church is also making a commitment. They are committing to love, encourage, protect, and instruct their new family member. 

There are multiple steps to becoming a member of Olivet. 

Membership Class

All prospective members must attend our membership class. We require this class because we want to make sure that people know exactly what it means to join a church and what will be required of them should they decide to join Olivet.

In this class we talk about why it is important to join a church, what it means to be a member, our history, statement of faith, church covenant, and ways to connect at Olivet.  

The membership class is typically offered on a seasonal basis. The class meets on a Sunday afternoon immediately following our worship gathering. Lunch is provided. Check the calendar or contact a member of the staff to find out when the next class is scheduled.  

Membership Interview

Upon completing the class, the prospective member sits down with at least one elder, provides basic biographical information, shares his or her story of conversion and baptism, as well as his or her understanding of the gospel. This is also when the prospective member is asked to affirm Olivet's statement of faith and church covenant.

Membership Affirmation

During a member meeting the elders introduce the prospective member and give a brief description of his or her story. Finally, a vote is taken, and with a majority secured, the candidate officially becomes a member of Olivet.